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2019 Parent Teacher Interviews (PP-Yr 6)

At St Damien’s Catholic Primary School we believe in the benefits that evolve from strong relationships and communication between teachers, parents and students. Part of this process is the dialogue that exists in regards to student progress at school. Parent /Teacher Interviews provide a structured platform for crucial conversations to occur. We warmly invite all parents to maintain contact with their child’s teacher throughout the whole year to ensure that the best possible chances of development can be made.

In 2019 we are using for parents to book for their Parent / Teacher Interviews.

These Interviews are being held on Tuesday, 18th June, 2019

Please remember this day is an early finish (12pm) for all students.


An email has been sent in regards to the Interview bookings timeline:

Thursday 13th June – 5pm: The online Booking System goes live!

Monday 17th June – 10am: Parents who have not booked online receive SMS from the school.

Monday 17th June – 12pm: Families who have not been able to use the system may contact the school for our Admin Team to help with the bookings.

Details about the day:

VENUE: St Damien’s Catholic Primary School Library

TIME: Beginning at 12:20pm and the last interview finishing by 6:00pm

LENGTH OF INTERVIEWS: 10 minutes. A warning bell will be sounded with 2 minutes to go for each interview.

FOLLOW UP MEETINGS: Parents are welcome to arrange follow up meetings with teachers if it is felt necessary.

SPECIALIST MEETINGS: Parents may choose a meeting with Specialists, however, we ask that this is only if there is an important need, and that the Specialists are contacted prior with proposed meeting talking points.

EARLY ARRIVAL: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booking. The Library Foyer will be set up for parents to wait.

STUDENT SUPERVISION (12pm-3pm): Students who are not able to be picked up will assemble in the Steve Dowie Hall and be supervised by StDCPS Support Staff until 3pm. Students may leave with their parents at any time during the afternoon. At 3pm all students remaining at school will be dismissed and either be taken to the bus, be collected at Kiss and Drive by parents or attend out-of-hours care Click here for Fun-A-Rama website as per any normal day.

STUDENT SUPERVISION (3pm-6pm): Students coming with their parents are to go to the Year 5 classes. This supervision is only to be used for students whose parents are in the meetings at those times.

STUDENTS WHO TRAVEL BY BUS: Please be aware that the buses will collect students at the normal times on the day (after 3.10pm).  Parents who rely on bus transport for their children, and wish for them to come home at 12pm must make own arrangements after checking timetable and station options. At 3pm students still at school who require the bus will be taken to the Bus Stop as per normal for the 592, 594, Waratah and Lake Clifton buses.