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Winter Uniform


All items of clothing must be correctly fitted, well maintained and labelled.

At the bottom of this page a table can be found outlining class PE uniform days.


Kindergarten and Pre Primary

The only uniform required by students in Pre Primary and Kindergarten is the Sports Uniform. Pre Primary students are required to purchase the School Bathers, Rash Shirt and a House Shirt. The House Shirt is optional for Kindergarten.

Years 1—6 Girls’ Winter Uniform (Terms 2 and 3)

Box pleat pinafore (Yrs 1-5) or skirt (Yr 6) in School tartan (note skirts must sit on or below the knee)

 White, long-sleeved shirt with school crest

 Navy blue woollen jumper with crest.

 Black leather lace-up school shoes with normal sole i.e. No exaggerated heel

 White school socks or navy tights (tights must be worn on formal occasions and for class photographs)

 Navy blue slouch school hat

 Tie (Years 1-3: Elasticated and Years 4-6 Self Tied)

 Scarves and gloves may be worn, but must be plain navy blue and without any signage.

 Navy blue spray jacket with school crest.

Boys’ Winter Uniform (Terms 2 and 3)

 Navy blue school trousers

 White, long-sleeved shirt with school crest

 Black leather lace-up school shoes with normal sole i.e. no exaggerated heel.

 Navy blue woollen jumper with crest

 White school socks

 Navy blue slouch school hat

 Tie (Years 1-3: Elasticated and Years 4-6 Self Tied)

 Navy blue spray jacket with school crest.

Boys’ and Girls’ Sports Uniform (On Phys. Ed. Day & Friday)

 Navy blue Microfibre unisex shorts, with gold piping

 Ice blue Polo shirt with crest (Year 6 may wear ‘Leavers’ Shirt)

 Navy blue Microfibre track pants (if tracksuit pants are required)

 Navy, ice blue and gold Microfibre jacket with crest

 Navy blue slouch school hat

 White socks and lace up sports shoes (white) with white laces only

NB: On Fridays, students will wear their coloured House Shirts with their school sports shorts or tracksuit pants. Sport shorts MUST be worn under tracksuit pants.

The school uniform must be worn correctly at all times. ie. on the way to school, at school and on the way home from school. This includes students waiting at school for siblings involved in after-school sports. Tracksuit Tops / Spray Jackets Tracksuit tops are part of the school’s sport uniform. They do not replace the school jumper. The School Spray Jacket does not replace the tracksuit top and may only be worn over the school jumper or Track Top when it is particularly cold and additional warmth is required. The school Spray Jacket is shower-proof and is the only rain jacket permitted at school.

Other Uniform Notes

Shirts need to be tucked in at all times.

School hats are worn all year, and a no hat, no uniform – no play policy applies.

Hats must be in good condition, with a working toggle.

Children are expected to be in full school uniform at all times.

If a Uniform Infringement Note is issued it must be dealt with immediately.

School Sports Shoes

Mid or high top boots, skate shoes or shoes other than cross trainers are unacceptable. Shoes must be WHITE, lace-up, without any inappropriate signage or advertising (no velcro). No wheels or lights. Laces, lace holes and the sole edges of the shoes must be white. Signage or logos may be; any shade of blue, black, grey or silver. Shoes must be in good condition.

The following table outlines Year 1-6 PE Uniform Days. It does not include 3 & 4 Year Old Kindy, or Pre-Primary, as their uniform is consistently the St DCPS Ice Blue Uniform (except for PP on Friday where they are to wear House Shirt)

 PE Uniform Day(s)Library Day
4 Year Old Kindy BlueHouse Shirt optional on WedWednesday
4 Year Old Kindy GoldHouse Shirt optional on WedWednesday
Pre Primary BlueMon - Thu (Fri House Shirt)Tuesday
Pre Primary GoldMon - Thu (Fri House Shirt)Tuesday
Year 1 BlueTuesday (Fri House Shirt)Wednesday
Year 1 GoldTuesday (Fri House Shirt)Wednesday
Year 2 BlueWednesday (Fri House Shirt)Thursday
Year 2 GoldTuesday (Fri House Shirt)Thursday
Year 3 BlueWednesday (Fri House Shirt)Monday
Year 3 GoldWednesday (Fri House Shirt)Monday
Year 4 BlueWednesday (Fri House Shirt)Monday
Year 4 GoldMonday (Fri House Shirt)Monday
Year 5 BlueMonday (Fri House Shirt)Monday
Year 5 GoldWednesday (Fri House Shirt)Monday
Year 6 BlueTuesday (Fri House Shirt)Monday
Year 6 GoldTuesday (Fri House Shirt)Monday