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At St Damien’s Catholic Primary School we run 2 Enrichment programs for Year 5-6 students to take part in Robotics. These programs are FIRST Lego and Robocup. This page is a resource page for all information that students and families may require for the Program.

RobocupWednesday TrainingEvery Wednesday (until Tournament)3:15pm-4:15pmStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
RobocupThursday TrainingEvery Thursday (until Tournament)7:00am-8:15amStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
RobocupHoliday Training #1Mon 8th July - Event
9:00am-3:00pmStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
RobocupHoliday Training #2Fri 19th July Event Confirmed9:00am-3:00pmStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
RobocupPractice TournamentWed 7th August3:30pm-6:30pmStDCPS Staff Room
RobocupRobocup TournamentFriday, 9th AugustApprox 8am-4pmCurtain University
RobocupRobocup Tournament (Finals)Saturday, 10th AugustApprox 8am-4pmCurtain University
FIRST LegoWednesday TrainingEvery Wednesday (beginning 14th August)3:15pm-4:15pmStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
FIRST LegoThursday TrainingEvery Thursday (beginning 15th August)7:00am-8:15amStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
FIRST LegoHoliday Training #1TBC (Term 3/4 Holiday Break)9:00am-3:00pmStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
FIRST LegoHoliday Training #2TBC (Term 3/4 Holiday Break)9:00am-3:00pmStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
FIRST LegoPractice TournamentTBCTBCStDCPS Year 5/6 Block
FIRST LegoFIRST Lego TournamentSunday 8th December, Secret HarbourTBCSecret Harbour
FIRST LegoFIRST Lego Tournament (Finals)Saturday, 14th December, 2019TBCCurtain University


  • If I am selected for a program, I will give my best (and expected) efforts in attendance and participation, including showing resilience when faced with challenges.
  • There may be expectations or conditions of the event organisers, I will accept these as part of the conditions.
  • I will respect the equipment and other participants. I may have been selected over other students and for this reason I will show that I value the program and the opportunity provided to me.
  • When required, I will attend all training / competition sessions. This may include commitments above weekend club sports (e.g. if a competition is held on a Saturday)
  • I am expected to stay on schedule with expected tasks, my classwork and behaviour. If I do not maintain these, I may be removed from the group and replaced.