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The purpose of this page is to provide support for our Microsoft Teams Page.

More information will come as soon as possible.

Today’s Goal

To have all families able to login on Teams, find their child/ren’s Year Level “Channel”, and REPLY to a conversation that was started by a teacher.

How to do it….

Log into Microsoft Teams via either the App (iOS or Android) or the Website

Find the “Team” for your children e.g. “StDCPS Year 2 Online Learning Page”

There are “Channels” in each “Team” (to direct conversations) find the Channel called “General”




There is a comment from Mr Crebert – click “Reply”


Just introduce yourself in the replies!


A teacher may start a conversation on Teams (and even attach some work / photo / resources etc) For example “Here is a picture of 15 shapes, in your workbook please number 1-15 down the left hand side of a new page, and name each shape”. Parents and students may find this easy, some may not. We need an area for the parents to ask questions.

But the teachers can’t be expected to watch all channels and keep tabs on all families posts if they are not in the correct locations.

If parent reply to the conversation a teacher can go and check their original ‘post’ and see what feedback has been left in regards to the activity post

What could go wrong, what it means, how to fix it.

The main mistake that parents, students (even teachers!) make here is starting a new conversation by mistake. This is important to not make this mistake as it means the comments left in this ‘new conversation’ are not attached the conversation started by the teacher, and it could be lost with all the comments that are about to flow in. If you start a new conversation by mistake, it’s easily enough to delete (it’s in the three dots …) and all you need to do is go to the start conversation and add your comments again.