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On this page families should be able to find basic support documents that will be able to guide our students through the school’s expectations for Online Learning. These documents can be downloaded, and any updates will be notified through email or the Principal’s Blog.


No, you should not need to print anything. All activities provided by teachers should be able to be completed in either the books and resources provided by the school. Students should be encouraged to neatly set out work in their books with titles, dates and neatly answer all questions in their book.

The school cannot stop you, as parents, taking the initiative and also taking advantage of what is currently available at the moment and we think these are great!:

  • Many normally ‘paid’ educational and resource (e.g. Audible / Headspace) websites and programs are currently offered free subscriptions.
  • Many Apps have great interactive tools which parents can download to their families personal devices (The Year 3-6 iPads are locked from downloads)
  • Many Youtube channels have free daily videos and support tools.
  • Social Media pages (e.g. Teacherspayteachers, Appsforteachers etc) have an enormous amount of great ideas (academically, boredom busters, engagement activities).

If a family was capable of implementing many these activities, we are certain that the children will be having great and meaningful days. Our only worry is that different families will find it challenging to keep up the trends and ‘feel the pressure’ when they hear about what everyone else is doing.

The mental and emotional health of all our staff, students and families is critical during this time, and the school would like to ensure that what we promote and support is making all of our students and families lives better, and not adding unnecessary stress.

HOWEVER: As a school, we need to ensure that we have the basics consolidated first. Setting up Teams and SeeSaw, making sure our communication methods are developed, understanding a new model of educational delivery.

We will explore many of these online tools eventually, but only after our staff have had the chance to collaborate, test the technology, and confirm it’s educational value.

Currently, there are no formal measures for checking attendance, however during Term 2 teachers will be running daily check-ins (for example morning video conferences) and also also monitoring who is, and isn’t, consistently submitting work and checking in.

The school will look for patterns and if we notice certain students are consistently not checking in or completing their work, we will make contact with the families.

Assessment, for the purpose of giving a grade, is not our current priority. The current priorities with regards to academic engagement are:

  1. Ensuring all of our students and families have access to, and are confident, in access the Online Learning
  2. Developing systems that allow two way communication between our families and the school.
  3. Developing systems that allow for teacher feedback on student work¬†for the purpose of supporting the students growth not for assigning ‘grades’.

Assessing students, and providing grades, is currently a complicated procedure as all of our students have varying access to support and help. It would be unfair to allocate grades to students if their own situation (i.e. access to help) was more complicated due to their own family circumstances.

The (complicated) answer is – whatever they can do confidently, with a small amount of support, without it being too stressful, with an element of ‘challenge’, and answering a majority of questions correctly.

Please do not compare your child to other students and their performance. Your child and your circumstances are unique, and you must make parent judgment as to what’s appropriate. Please contact your teacher if support is needed or if you feel the Online Learning tasks are not working for your family.

Please do not unreasonably expect your child to complete tasks outside their ability area, it will only result in stress. Parents are expected to monitor and support their child’s engagement and confidence levels as, unfortunately, this will be extremely challenging for our teachers to do in the current circumstances.

If your child is struggling, stressed or gets the majority of answers wrong – please focus on simpler tasks or contact your teacher for further guidance.

If your child is easily completing tasks, bored, or not challenged – please focus on the ‘challenge’ tasks or contact your teacher for further guidance.

Three Levels explained:

For a lot of activities that teachers will put forward, there will be a ‘class activity’ that should suit most of the students, for where the class program is currently at.

The reality of student growth is that some students may not yet be at the stage that the rest of the class is at, and it’s OK for them to do the simpler tasks provided.

Some students will be ahead of the majority, and it’s OK for them to take on the more challenging tasks.

Currently (March 31st) – No. No students should be Online.

At no point during the entirety of Online Learning should a teacher and student ever make contact one on one.

Kindy and Pre Primary have access to SeeSaw which is designed for parents to access only.

Plans are in place to develop the following systems which we will roll out in Term 2, and families will be notified, trained and supported when.

We are currently developing methods that will require students to upload work samples to their teachers and submit work in an electronic method such as:

  • Online Quizzes
  • Submission of work using the Microsoft Teams “Assignment” function.
  • Systems for parents to upload student videos to teachers
  • Further development of Microsoft One Note.

Parents, families and students will be guided through these processes.