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This page is designed to host the Weekly Plans that teachers will base their teaching from in order to support Online Learning. These activities will be the content of what is being learnt in class, but also will be what teachers will provide support for, to assist students and parents who are at home. By the Monday of each week, teachers will upload their planning documents for the week on this page.

We ask that all parents make best efforts with the resources, and their judgment, in supporting their children with these activities. The teachers will make best efforts to ensure that activities are as self-guiding and self-explanatory as possible; however it is fair to ask that in the event of Online Learning that students talk to their parents for guidance (and the school will trust best parent judgement). The following ‘Daily Timetable’ will be followed from Wednesday, 25th March, 2020, to allow parents to access teachers support and feedback via Microsoft Teams.

The school’s timetable (both currently and in the event of a ‘shutdown’)

By 3pm Friday – The following weeks “Weekly Plan” will be uploaded to the StDCPS Website

Each Day…

7:45am-8:30am – Daily Work Upload By 9am each day teachers will have uploaded reminders, resources and instructions for the Daily Tasks (These tasks will be on the ‘Weekly’ Planning Sheet, however there may be some alterations)

9am-11:30amTeaching Face to Face / Planning Time Teachers are not present online. This time is used for ‘face to face’ teaching (if the school is open) and for teacher planning, collaboration and resource gathering. The school acknowledges that all teachers have family responsibilities and, in the event of a shutdown, allows this time for teachers to attend to their own commitments and needs.

11:30am-1:30pm Teacher Online Presence Time. In this time there will be at least one Teacher / Educational Assistant per year level present on Microsoft Teams to provide support or feedback to parents questions in regards to the daily activities. Microsoft Teams is the only platform the school will use for this support. Please see our support page if help is needed.

1:30pm-2:00pm Teacher Break Time

2:00pm-3:00pm Staff Professional Development From 2:00pm-3:00pm each day staff will be online only for the purposes with collaborating with other StDCPS staff, School Admin or CEWA Professional Collaboration Networks. In this time they will not be expected to collaborate with families. Whilst the school remains open this may involve one teacher online, whilst the other teacher supervises students across both classes, with the support of an Educational Assistant.


Whislt Catholic Education WA and St Damien’s Catholic Primary School Are not linked with the Department of Education for Educational Delivery, the current situation must recognise the collegiality that exists with resource sharing, support and collaboration.

St Damien’s Catholic Primary may post links for the Department of Education, or other educational institutes, to support staff, families and students who may wish to access other Online Learning Resources.

Any extra resources posted are not intended to override the programs set by StDCPS Staff.