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Enrolment Information

Enrolment Parameters

At St Damien’s Catholic Primary School enrolment priority is given to:

  • Siblings of Catholic students already enrolled at the school
  • Catholic students from Dawesville and Mandurah Parishes
  • Catholic students from outside Dawesville and Mandurah
  • Parishes Siblings of non-Catholic students
  • Non-Catholic students from other Christian denominations
  • Other non-Catholic students.

Students who have Catholic as the stated religion by parents but have not produced documentation will be regarded as Catholic, and parents encouraged to have children baptised and participate in sacramental programmes, or produce confirmation of Baptism.

Procedures for Enrolment

The Principal or designated personnel will interview all new students with their parents.

Parents need to read, complete and sign all enrolment documentation before their child will be offered a position in the school.