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Mission and Vision

At St Damien’s Catholic Primary School a whole school approach is adopted to create an environment of:

R – respecting ourselves, family, others, faith and culture, school and community and the environment.

E – expressing a Christian way of life through Gospel Values

S – striving for the development of the whole person – socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually

P – preparing students for the challenges of life by becoming a fully functioning young adult in awe of the world around them

E – expecting each member of the school community to follow our motto Christ Shines by following our understanding of WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?)

C – creating valuable members of society

T – thriving in a safe environment which develops and fosters life skills

Key Values

  • Familiy — Involving and working in partnerships with families.
  • Prayer & Mystery — sharing prayer in its many forms, and capturing the joy in the mystery of the created universe.
  • Truth & Justice— Continually searching for truth and justice in our lives and relationships, especially for the most vulnerable.
  • Education & Learning — A determination to seek and attain excellence in all we attempt, and develop a hunger for the learning adventure.
  • Service & Reconciliation — A commitment to use our talents for the good of others, while walking together in a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness.
  • Respect & Diversity — A positive outlook towards others and our environment, while embracing the diversity of the Earth and all its people.