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St Damien’s School Song

Christ Shines

By Andrew Chinn & the Community of St Damien’s Catholic Primary School, WA


Christ shines in my heart, Christ shines in you and me

Christ shines in our lives, For all the world to see

From the darkness to the light, Your light that shows the way

Christ shines in you and me every day

Verse 1: Christ Shines in Me

We follow your footsteps, we walk in your way

Your light shines in me, in all I do and say

To shine in your light, be all I can be

With arms that are open, welcomed in peace

Verse 2: Christ Shines in Us

Love one another as I have loved you

And so we ask, “What would Jesus do”

Sharing our gifts, together we shine

With arms joined together, Together in your light

Verse 3: Christ Shines in Our World

You are the light that shines in our world

You call us to justice, to care for our earth

Arm in arm and hand in hand in our place by the sea

Respect for each other, we live in harmony