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Sustainability Program

Sustainability Program

Environmental Program

As a major component of the larger Sustainability Program, the Environmental Program at St Damien’s Catholic Primary School creates opportunities for students to develop understandings about the natural world. By utilising the existing infrastructure, and further developing the garden centres as the school moves ahead, the students at St Damien’s Catholic Primary School are afforded the best resources available while they learn about the environment on local and global scales. The Environmental Program is inextricably linked to all areas of the school’s curriculum to demonstrate the relevance and merit of environmental education within the global setting. This reinforces the learning that takes place and enhances the outcomes for students via constant exposure and the real world links that are made inside and outside of the classroom.

Weather Station

Atop the Steve Dowie Hall sits a weather monitoring device better known as the St Damien’s Science Station. As part of a global initiative to monitor, track and record the weather around the world, St Damien’s Catholic Primary School is contributing its part. Our weather station is the sole data provider for the Dawesville area and enables weather researchers to access accurate and reliable data. By extension, the students at St Damien’s have access to this hub of weather knowledge via our unique weather station web page that can be found at the link below. This web page is a valuable teaching and learning tool within the school with a multitude of applications for environmental education.

St Damiens Weather Station

Waste Wise

Each year St Damien’s Catholic Primary School renews its commitment to sustainability with its membership in the Waste Wise Schools Program. St Damien’s Catholic Primary School demonstrates its dedication to waste reduction in the local and global environment through various initiatives run by the school, including, but not limited to, plastic free lunch boxes, participation in the school’s Clean Up Australia Day event, the school’s Recycling Program, Chook Champs, Worm Warriors, Green Team, and more. Much of the existing environmental infrastructure within the school was funded by grants provided by the Waste Authority of Western Australia, a government initiative aimed at implementing and maintaining waste minimising projects within schools. St Damien’s Catholic Primary School has achieved the highest level of acknowledgement by attaining all available grants offered to date.

Monday Markets

The Monday Markets are an integral part of the Environmental Program at St Damien’s Catholic Primary School. Organic produce harvested from the school’s garden centres is sold every Monday morning before school, with the occasional bonus appearance of the organic produce cart on Thursday afternoons. Produce for the Monday Markets is harvested by all students within the school to maximise student involvement within the garden centres over the course of the year. The Monday Markets is operated by the school’s Green Team, with all proceeds going back into the Environmental Program to purchase seedlings, fertiliser, soil and gardening equipment.